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Independent and Senior Living

              Beneficial technologies and services for eldercare, special needs individuals,
              assisted living, and more that can help people retain their independence, keep
              caregivers and healthcare providers connected, and provide a higher standard of care.
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              Our patient-centric approach allows you to avoid high cost settings with custom fit
              care that's proactive, collaborative, and coordinated to help individuals actively
              participate in their own well-being.
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How It Works

              eHealthView incorporates vital signs monitoring, realtime medication management
              with wireless sensors for safety, home conditions and activities of daily living.
              Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals can track a patients' well-being remotely,
              while recipients enjoy an independent lifestyle.
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Smart Medical Home

              eMonitoring Services has developed and manufactured one of the most robust,
              affordable, and comprehensive telehealth solutions on the market today.
              Our modular approach allows for a scalable solution that works independently or in
              conjuntion with each other to provide a solution that fits the patients lifestyle.
              We use wireless devices that are customizable and can easily be integrated into any
              existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Personal Health Records (PHR) system.

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